Owner/managing director

Managing director supervise project flow and deal with client regarding the payment term
and project detail.

Finance department

Finance department calculate company resources and responsible to ensure that all contractor
hire have enough fund/resources to ensure that project run efficiently. Finance department
also responsible in salary distribution and cost calculation.

Project manager

Project manager ensure that team finish work within the dateline and dealt with client
regarding project management. Project manager also coordinate team and distribute the test
cases to team depends on the project requirement. Client will have to escalate any problem
occur during project via project manager and vice versa.

Drive test engineer(DTE) and Drive Test analyser(DTA)-freelance contractor

DTE responsible for RF drive test which required to collect RF data sample based on client
preferences.DTA provide technical report and optimization based on the logfile obtain from
drive test process. Arctic Network Technology hire DTE freelance contractor as we are
project based company and duration of employment depends on the project.